Hi there/Hola,

My name is Katherine, and I am a freelance journalist and graphic designer.

I am currently studying a Masters of International Relations at the University of Melbourne. I am a graduate of a Bachelor of International Studies with Deakin University, and a Certificate in Freelance Journalism with Open Colleges.

Through my writing and podcast work I have largely focused on multiculturalism and diversity, economic inequality, and environmental sustainability. I aim to gain the side of the story that, I feel, often isn’t sought after within the current mainstream media environment.

As a designer, I have worked with not-for-profits in developing promotional material, logo designs, certificates, and digital illustrations.

I also have experience in creating and scheduling content for social media.

Outside of work I love running and am training for a half-marathon! Tambien estudio español y espere trabajar en America latina en el futuro.

Follow me on Twitter @EverestKatherin and feel free to get to know me through Instagram @everestkt.

If you’re interested in working with me shoot through an email to everestkatherine@gmail.com.

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